Tarantino, a love letter to Sergio Leone

Everyone knows Quentin Tarantino’s love for Sergio Leone and spaghetti western. In addition to the homage to Leone in the title of his latest film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the American director wrote an essay, which later will become the preface of a book, and now published by the British magazine Spectator, on his Italian predecessors.

Once upon a time in the West is the film for which I became a director,” writes Tarantino, and continues: “It was almost a film school. It shows how to make a mark by being a director, how to create a personal work in a movie. It captured me and made me think “This is the way it should be done.” Leone created an aesthetic in my mind. ” And he concludes: “From my point of view, Sergio Leone is the greatest of all Italian directors. It is the best combination of style and storytelling, two aspects of cinema that almost never went hand in hand. It was a great esthete, and he did it using the genre, he paid attention to the rules of the genre while constantly breaking them to give the public wonderful westerns. Leone created the modern direction, so don’t go further, start from him “.