Leone Film Group S.p.A.: Multi-year agreement with Amazon Prime Video

Leone Film Group S.P.A. is proud to announce that it has signed a multi-year commercial agreement with Amazon Prime Video.

All new films distributed in theatres by LFG over the next two and a half years will be broadcasted exclusively on Prime Video in ItalP. The value of the agreement will significantly increase both the revenues generated by the first pay-TV window and those deriving from the library.

Andrea Leone, President of the film and audiovisual production and distribution company founded in 1989 by Sergio Leone, and listed on the AIM Italia market since 2013, commented: “With the world of pay-TV changing rapidly, and the audience demanding a quality product, we are proud to partner with Amazon, whose mission like ours, is to deliver the best content possible to its customers, always eager to discover high-quality cutting edge new TV and movie productions.”